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Who, what or where is Muddy Creek?

Muddy Creek is the alias that yours truly is known by on several model railroad forums, including NScale.net where I spend far too much time. Time that would be better spent developing more kits to provide to fellow modelers.

Muddy Creek is the fictional name of the latest in a series of scale model railroads. Hopefully, this one will be seen through to completion (as much as any model railroad is ever completed.)

Muddy Creek was the long-ago, original, unassuming and aptly descriptive name of the town I grew up in, having in the 1870's been changed to more pretentious name.

Muddy Creek also was also the name of the bar where I used to hang out in my younger years, but that's another story.

In addition to offering a series of laser-cut wood kits, I am a free-lance designer/CAD drafter living in Western Maine, where I was an engineering supervisor for a modular building manufacturer.

Before leaving the Adirondacks for the hills of Western Maine, I was a freelance consultant/designer for builders and manufacturers of modular homes. Over 25 years of specializing in home design and CAD production drawing has provided the perfect jumping-off point into scale model architecture. Who would a thunk it?

Most enduring of the interests has been railroading, started at a very early age with my father's Lionel layout. Why it's taken so long to try to combine that interest with a career escapes me, but I suspect cars, girls, education and then a family all had a part in it. Finally, the planets have aligned and the Muddy Creek RR was born.

When not working, I can be found paddling the waters or cycling the roads and trails of Western Maine, gardening or visiting family back in my old home state of New York.

Wayne Morris
West Paris, ME


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